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Serving those serving our communities and their families

Headquartered in the heart of California with numerous satellite locations, Anchor Therapy Clinic specializes in the first responder, medical and veteran communities as well as their families. Our ground breaking approaches allow our team to specialize in issues that hit home including trauma, family dynamics, and animal based therapies. Whether you’re a Marine, law enforcement officer, fireman, veteran, or a family member of a first responder or military service member, we are here to assist you in finding hope. We wish to assist you and your families in giving you a chance at a more normal life and thrive in the world. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every situation and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Anchor Therapy Clinic stands for a pillar of hope providing stability and strength so our heroes can ground themselves at the end of their daily journeys.

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Healing Our Heroes

Approved for Continuing Education Units for Mental Health Providers, The Healing Our Heroes program is specifically designed to bridge the gap between mental health professionals and our nations heroes by providing Veteran and First-Responder specific Cultural Competency training based on real world experiential simulator training. Re-purposing military training practices and forming them into therapeutic measures.




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3050 Fite Cir; Suite 209; Sacramento, CA 95827



First-Responder Community Training

Exclusively brought to you by Anchor Therapy Clinic, CODE 10-7 is a life line training program for agencies, their employees and their families. Specifically developed by clinicians with real world experience as First-Responders and in the medical filed to target the individual wellness of each member of your team, including the family. Build stronger bonds in the department, strengthen the family, prevent suicide and injuries, cope with traumas and PTSD, be able to truly be home at the “End of Shift”.

Anchor Therapy also provides First Responder specific training programs that comply with legislative training requirements

First Responders: Law Enforcement, Military, Veterans, Medical Personnel, Support Staff, Families and Administrations

Areas of Practice


Trauma comes in many forms and affects each one of us in a different ways. Once someone experiences trauma their day to day lives may shift; however, we provide an opportunity to overcome traumas in order to have a chance to create normalcy, find inner strengths,and find understanding.

Medical Professionals

Caring for others at work all day long can be taxing, and it doesn’t end when the shift is over. Long, stressful hours with an unending pressure to be an expert and make life-and-limb decisions eventually take their toll. Home life is often tough to balance with the “scrubs” lifestyle demands. It’s not possible to remain a good healer without appropriate care for yourself first. Our experienced clinicians are ready to support you on this journey.

Animal Therapies

Driving the cutting edge of therapy. Incorporating animal based interventions and Service Animals into the treating of traumas, PTSD and other mental health programs.

First Responder Specific

In addition to putting their lives on the line every day, these individuals sacrifice their mental health in defense of our communities. The nature of being a first responder means seeing first hand the pros and cons of society and living with the images that have been seen through their own eyes.

Veteran / Military Specific

Military specific trauma can be very specific to their community. Combat, Military Sexual Traumas, deployments, and much more affect the lives of this community in very unique ways. Providing an opportunity for Veterans to be treated by members of the Veteran community is one of many programs offered.



Through passion one gains strength
Through strength one gains power
Through power chains are broken
One’s will can set them free
One may find truth in darkness and in darkness one can find truth
— KC; 2015


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